We have full expertise to offer service on project on country basis from customs clearance upto delivery at the installation site . We also offer our service on root selection of the modality of transport ( Road , Rail And river ) . Within The Country taking into consolidation the types, volume, size, nature of the project cargo. We are also specialized in the transportation of cargo using size and volumes to difficult delivery site all over Bangladesh by road, river and rail . That require special Planning And handling. In addition to the experience and expertise , this division owns and has at its disposal heavy and mobile cranes , equipment tailers, specialized railwaywagons, barges and delivery vehicles for the transportation of heavy lift through out Bangladesh.
Whether a customer is planning a comprehensive shipping program, seeking the most economical root, transporting to a difficult delivery site requiring a quotation or probing the intricacies of transportation , Our organizations involvement will provide invaluable to the customer.

List Of The Projects Done By NOVO Cargo:

1. Greater Dhaka Power Distribution Project .
2. Ghorashaal Thermal Power Station Extension Project
3. International Digital Switching System Under Bangladesh TNT Board
4. The City Gas Station Extension Project
5. Kailashtilla Gas Treatment Plant
6. BHP Minerals International Exploraition inc Bangladesh. Gas Project.
7. Construction 132 KV Overhead Lebukhali river Crossing Project.
8. Shebatelecom
9. Alcatel Contracting Project
10. EOS Textile , Italy
11. Hoplun HK
12. Wills , UK